“...[F]ast-paced and idiosyncratic enough to resemble a shorter, more socially conscious Wes Anderson film. Cole jumps from bizarre caricature to bizarre caricature to deliver a series of booming monologues...”

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There’s a time and place for a monocle...

2017 and a Bronx high school are neither of them

Mo-to-the-oncle is the solo comedy that follows the story of Detroit Price, Jr., a Bronx teenager who must wear a monocle to school after his father loses their vision insurance

Written and performed by Melissa Cole

“Cole inhabits an impressive amount of characters, including Detroit's father, and a country music loving pimp named Sugar Free, along with singing and rapping throughout the show.”



Charm City Fringe Festival (Baltimore, MD)

November 8 - 12, 2017

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